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Wizard Air to Water Heat Pump


Our Wizard Air to Water Heat Pump is an air to water type heat absorbing system with heat output as designed. It is capable of producing hot water temperature not less than 60°C ±5°C. By absorbing the energy from the ambient temperature, the refrigerant temperature will be raised to heat the water through the heat exchanger unit in the heat pump. Our Wizard Air to Water Heat Pump can also be customized to our clients’ needs shall they require a higher heating temperature of more than 65°C.

The heat pump is designed for maximum heat transfer for achieving a high instantaneous Coefficient of Performance (COP), and therefore this enables our clients to save up to 70%.

Designed with multiple compressors, an individual control panel and safety circuit, our Wizard Air to Water Heat Pumps are able to perform at an optimal performance and ensure even running hours on the modules, which protects and prolong the life-span of our machine.

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