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Wizard 7.2kW Heat Pump with Rotex Sanicube 500L Heat Exchange Tank

Rotex w Wizard 7kW

The Wizard 7.2kW Air to Water Heat Pump has a higher heating capacity of 7.2kW, allowing it to produce approx. 180 litres of hot water @60°C per hour. Coupled with the Rotex 500L Rotex Sanicube Heat Exchange Tank, this system is widely used for the larger bungalows, and some commercial institutions.

The unique feature of the Rotex 500L Sanicube Heat Exchange Tank is the indirect potable water circuit, allowing fresh water to be delivered to the hot water facilities every time.

This significantly reduces the possibility of bacteria growth in storage tanks, as the water is always replaced with fresh water supply from the mains, and not stored.

Electrical savings of up to 70% can be achieved.

Capacity available (Tank): 500 litres.

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