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Rotex Sanicube Storage Heat Exchanger (SHE) Tank

heat exchange tank, indirect tank

The German Made ROTEX Sanicube is developed based on the latest principles of water hygiene and heating technology. Its construction is totally different to all common hot water calorifiers. The ROTEX Sanicube combines the advantages of a hot water calorifier and a flow through water heater and is therefore hygienic due to its construction. Due to its unique working principle it is often called a “Calorifier – but in reverse”


  • Hygienically optimized water (tested by the institute of Hygiene in Tübingen)
  • Absolutely non-corroding
  • Maintenance-free
  • Minimal lime scaling
  • High efficiency due to a high storage capacity and a high continuous operation
  • Low energy losses owing to very good heat insulation
  • No loss of water when reheating
  • All-round applicable
  • Use of solar or waste energy possible (can be retrofitted at any time)
  • Perfect for large capacity systems – modular set up like in blocks


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