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HAASE Hot Water Energy Tanks

Manufactured in Germany, The HASSE T4 Hot Water Energy Tank’s unique construction method and its superior energy conservation makes it the most sensible choice for cost-effective energy creation and storage.

The T4 is using a fully indirect operating principal, where by the primary heating circuit is pressure-free and closed loop coupled to one or multiple heat sources. The secondary circuit is pressurized and consists of several INOX coils submerged into the primary media. The potable water is thereby heated by a flow-through heat exchange process through the submerged coils, which picks up the stored heat from the primary media. For maximum versatility, the HAASE Energy tank is designed to work with virtually any heating system or heat source including: solar collectors, heat recovery, heat pumps or other type of thermal power source.


  • Healthy water – NO bacterial growth
  • Corrosion Free
  • Low Heat Loss
  • Indirect = Long Life
  • Non-metallic inner and outer cylinder
  • Non-pressurized primary media
  • INOX Corrugated heat exchanger
  • No Internal Support Required
  • Homogeneous Pressure on Sides
  • Up to 95°C
  • No Thermal Pockets
  • Optimal Stratification
  • Built on site – easy through every door
  • Higher delivery capacity
  • Optimised for renewable energy

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