DualSun PVT Panel

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Electricity generation

Premium photovoltaic system

Monocrystalline panel with a full black finish


Hot water production

Cooling of the panel and reuse of waste heat in the form of hot water generated by a patented heat exchanger.

Dual heat and electricity output with a single panel of the same size and external appearance as a conventional photovoltaic panel.

This major technological innovation means our products are capable of covering the entirety of a building’s energetic needs while minimizing the occupied roof area.


SPRING® Innovation, Quality, and Warranty

French Innovation and Manufacturing

The dual energy generation technology present in our DualSun panels is the result of a major technological innovation developed and patented by our engineers in our R&D center in Marseille.

The quality of our SPRING® panels are the result of impeccable manufacturing processes in our ISO:9001-certified factory in the French department of Ain.

Our involvement in the solar panel’s innovation and manufacturing cycle guarantees DualSun’s unmatched performance and durability on the market.

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