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Danfoss Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TVM-W)


The TVM-W is a self-acting mixing valve, which provides mixed water at a constant temperature. It is used for instant supply of water at a required temperature in hot water applications.

The quick reaction of the thermostatic elements ensure accurate temperature control.

It is suitable for single outlets (eg. Baths, basins, showers, bidets) or small numbers of group outlets.

Its robust and non-complex construction provides superior reliability, improved safety, energy efficiency and user comfort.

If the cold water fails, a total and fast flow shut-off results in greater safety for the end-user.

Simplified design and construction, with fewer components, ensures superior reliability, longevity and safety.

  • Setting temperature in the range of 35°C to 70°C.
  • Preset and locked at 50°C.
  • Locking function locks the set temperature.
  • DN 20 and DN 25.
  • Shuts off flow if the hot or cold water supply fails.
  • Maintains the temperature by varying supply conditions.
  • Integrated non-return valves.

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